How to Find Hospitality and Tourism Jobs in Australia

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Finding a job in Australia, especially backpacker jobs, doesn’t always require relying solely on job search engines and websites. Here are different places where you can find job opportunities:

Job search engines:

  • BackpackerJobBoard: A website specifically designed for backpackers, allowing you to search for jobs by area or job classification, including those eligible for visa extensions.
  • Gumtree: Known for buying and selling, Gumtree also offers job listings, particularly in the agriculture and hospitality industries. You can filter jobs by classification and area.
  • Indeed: A large search engine, although it lacks the ability to filter by job classification.
  • Jobsearch: A government website that allows filtering by job classification, including a special site dedicated to agriculture jobs.
  • Jora: Allows you to create a profile to match jobs, with a focus on hospitality ads.
  • Seek: An intuitive search engine that allows filtering by work type, job classification, and area. You can create a profile with your CV.


Facebook can be a powerful tool for job searching. Simply search for the name of the city and the word “jobs” to find various positions. You can also filter by job classification. There are numerous job groups on Facebook, some with specific focuses.

Backpacker groups:

There are large backpacker-oriented groups such as “Australia Backpackers 2019” and job-oriented groups like “Backpacker Jobs Australia” and “Backpacker Jobs in Australia.” Additionally, your country might have its own Work and Holiday Facebook group where job offers are occasionally posted.

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Hospitality job groups:

There are specific hospitality-oriented groups for different cities or areas of the hospitality industry, such as “Melbourne Hospitality Jobs,” “Perth Hospitality Employment and Business Services,” “Hospitality Network Brisbane,” “Sydney Hospitality Job-Waiter/Cook/Chef/Bar Staff/Barista,” or “Barista jobs in Sydney.”

City-specific job groups:

Look for groups like “Sydney Jobs,” “Perth Jobs,” or “Melbourne Jobs” to find job opportunities in specific cities.

Groups for second-year visa work:

If you’re applying for a second-year visa, there are Facebook groups with ads specifically for jobs that qualify. However, make sure to verify with the employer that the job meets the requirements. Remember to differentiate between Work and Holiday jobs (subclass 462) and Working Holiday jobs (subclass 417). Examples of such groups include “Backpackers 88 days and counting Australia” and “2nd Year Visa Farm Work Australia.”


While finding a job independently is generally preferred, agencies can be useful for experienced hospitality workers, particularly in big cities. Sidekicker is an app that can also help in finding work. However, for agriculture or hospitality jobs, it’s usually better to find a job directly as there are ample opportunities available.

In-person applications:

Applying for a job in person can be successful for many backpacker jobs, demonstrating enthusiasm and willingness to work. It often leads to immediate feedback, the opportunity to meet employers and colleagues, and a chance to see the workplace. Although it may not work well with large companies that rely on website applications, it’s worth trying.

Timing for Hospitality and Tourism Jobs in Australia:

For jobs less affected by seasons, timing may not be critical. However, for backpacker jobs, it’s important to consider seasonal factors. In major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, or Perth, the best time to find hospitality and tourism jobs is during spring and early summer (late October to December). In tourist areas, hiring typically occurs before the season starts, whether it’s the snow season in June or the summer season in October.

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