Swiggy’s New Policy Allows Employees to Pick Up Gigs Outside the Company

One of India’s most well-known food delivery services, Swiggy, recently instituted a policy allowing its employees to earn money in other capacities. This new policy will allow Swiggy workers to supplement their income and gain valuable experience without leaving their regular duties. In this piece, we’ll analyse how the new policy may affect Swiggy workers and what that means for the company.

Getting more money

In addition to its other benefits, the new policy offers workers the chance to increase their income. If they’re able to, employees at Swiggy can supplement their regular pay with earnings from other sources, such as freelancing or part-time work. This can be a huge boon to their financial situation and get them closer to their goals.

Skill Building

The new policy is beneficial because it provides workers with an opportunity to expand their skill sets. Employees can broaden their skill sets by working in fields outside of Swiggy that they might not have access to otherwise. Staff members can benefit from this in many ways, including the development of their knowledge and abilities, which can lead to personal and professional advancement.

Balance between work and life

Better work-life balance is another benefit for employees under the new policy. If they can find work elsewhere, Swiggy workers will have more flexibility in deciding when they put in their hours. This might take place in the evenings, on the weekends, or even while they’re on vacation. Workers who are given more leeway in their schedules tend to be more satisfied in their jobs and enjoy better health.

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The help of Swiggy

Although the new policy has many positive aspects, some employees may still be reluctant to take on extra work outside of the office. However, Swiggy has assured its staff that they will continue to receive the support and resources they require to do their jobs successfully. As a result, they will have access to Swiggy’s training and growth programmes, as well as regular check-ins from the company’s management.


The new Swiggy policy that encourages employees to work independently is a progressive and innovative one that offers many advantages to staff. It’s a great opportunity for workers to advance in their careers and develop as people in many ways: monetarily, intellectually, and personally. If you’re just starting out or looking to advance in your career, the new policy is a fantastic opportunity to do your best work.


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