What qualifications do I need for a part-time delivery job in India?

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What skills and qualifications are required for a part-time delivery job in India?

Certain skills and qualifications are required to work as a part-time delivery person in India. Typically, delivery jobs necessitate a high school diploma or the equivalent. You must also have excellent communication and customer service skills, as you will be interacting with customers on a regular basis.

Physical fitness and stamina are also essential, as delivery jobs can be physically demanding, requiring you to carry heavy packages or parcels for extended periods of time. To navigate efficiently through different areas, you will also need basic computer literacy and knowledge of local geography.

According to recent data, the hourly wage for delivery drivers in India ranges from INR 91 to INR 361, with a median wage of INR 217. Furthermore, many delivery jobs provide flexible working hours as well as the opportunity to earn tips from satisfied customers.

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What should I do to prepare for a part-time delivery job in India?

If you intend to prepare for a part-time delivery job in India, there are a few things you can do to ensure your readiness. To begin, you must have a valid driver’s licence and be familiar with local traffic laws.

You will also need a dependable mode of transportation, such as a bike, scooter, or car. Physical fitness is also important because delivery jobs can require a lot of physical activity.

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According to a recent Economic Times report, the rise of e-commerce and food delivery services has increased demand for delivery jobs in India significantly. According to the report, the Indian delivery industry will grow at an 18.2% CAGR between 2021 and 2026.

To stand out in this competitive job market, consider honing your communication skills, as good customer communication can be a valuable asset. Furthermore, having a basic understanding of technology and smartphone usage can be beneficial, as many delivery jobs require the use of apps for navigation and order tracking.

What are the legal requirements for part-time delivery jobs in India?

If you work as a part-time delivery person in India, your employer must adhere to certain legal requirements. According to the law, employers must provide part-time employees with the same benefits and protections as full-time employees by 2021.

The minimum wage, health insurance, and overtime pay are all included. Furthermore, employers must give their part-time employees at least one day off per week.

According to the Labour Bureau of India, the number of employed people in India increased from 400 million in 2016 to 405 million in 2017, with part-time workers accounting for a sizable portion of the workforce. As a result, employers must follow these legal requirements in order to ensure that part-time employees are treated fairly.

What are some tips for excelling in a part-time delivery job in India?

If you have a part-time delivery job in India, here are some tips to help you succeed:

  • Plan your route: Before you begin making deliveries, determine the most efficient route to save time and fuel. This will allow you to complete your deliveries more quickly and earn more money.
  • Be punctual: Deliveries should be made on time, so make sure you’re on time. Customers value promptness and are more likely to provide positive feedback, which can help you earn more tips.
  • Be polite: Being courteous and friendly to customers can help you develop positive relationships with them. This can lead to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth recommendations, both of which can help you earn more money in the long run.
  • Keep your vehicle well-maintained: Your vehicle is your tool for the job, so make sure it is well-maintained and in good condition. Regular maintenance can help you avoid breakdowns and save time and money.
  • Use technology: Many delivery companies are now utilising technology to improve delivery efficiency. Ascertain that you are at ease with any apps or tools provided by your company.
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According to Betterplace, a technology platform for blue-collar workforce management, the demand for delivery jobs in India has increased by 30% since the outbreak of COVID-19. According to the survey, delivery executives earn an average monthly salary of Rs. 18,000 to Rs. 25,000.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of part-time delivery jobs in India?

Part-time delivery jobs in India have both advantages and disadvantages. These jobs are becoming more popular in India due to the increase in e-commerce and online food delivery services.


  • Flexibility: Part-time delivery jobs offer flexibility in terms of working hours, allowing individuals to balance work with other responsibilities.
  • Income: These jobs can provide a good source of income, especially for students or individuals who are unable to work full-time.
  • Training: Many companies provide training to their delivery staff, which can be useful for personal and professional development.


  • Inconsistent income: The income from part-time delivery jobs can be inconsistent and unpredictable, which may not be suitable for individuals who need a stable income.
  • Long working hours: The working hours for delivery jobs can be long, and may require individuals to work during weekends and holidays.
  • Physical strain: The job involves a lot of physical strain, which can be difficult for some individuals, especially those with health issues.

According to a survey conducted by Indeed in 2021, the average salary for a part-time delivery executive in India is approximately INR 16,800 per month. However, the actual salary may vary depending on the company, location, and job responsibilities.

How can I find and apply for part-time delivery jobs in India?

If you are looking for a part-time delivery job in India, there are several places where you can look and apply. One option is to search for delivery jobs in your preferred location on online job portals such as Indeed, Naukri, and Monster. You can also go directly to the websites of delivery services like Swiggy, Zomato, and Dunzo, which frequently offer part-time delivery jobs.

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You should also think about signing up for gig economy platforms like UberEats, Rapido, and Amazon Flex, which allow you to work as an independent contractor and set your own hours. According to a RedSeer report, India’s gig economy will grow at a CAGR of 17% between 2020 and 2025, creating significant job opportunities in the delivery sector.

To apply for a part-time delivery job, you must typically submit an online application, which may include personal information, employment history, and relevant documents such as a driver’s licence and a vehicle registration certificate. Before you can begin working, you may be required to go through a background check and a training programme.

What is the future outlook for part-time delivery jobs in India?

Part-time delivery jobs in India are expected to grow significantly in the future. According to RedSeer, the Indian food delivery market is expected to be worth $12.5 billion by 2022. This expansion is expected to increase the number of delivery jobs, including part-time positions.

Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic has hastened the transition to e-commerce and online food delivery services. As more people order food and groceries online, the demand for delivery services is expected to rise. This trend is also expected to boost the number of part-time delivery jobs.

How has COVID-19 impacted part-time delivery jobs in India?

The pandemic of COVID-19 has impacted many sectors and businesses in India, including part-time delivery jobs. Lockdowns and movement restrictions have increased demand for home delivery services, but the number of jobs has decreased due to safety concerns and decreased business activity.

According to a report by Betterplace, a technology platform for blue-collar workforce management, job opportunities in the delivery sector have decreased by 25% during the pandemic. Furthermore, many delivery workers have reported a decrease in income as a result of fewer orders and increased competition.

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on part-time delivery jobs in India, with many workers facing reduced job opportunities and income. The demand for delivery services, on the other hand, remains high, and the sector is expected to recover as the pandemic situation improves.

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